Experts in the valuation of corridors, conservation easements, and other unique properties

RMI Midwest is a real estate appraisal services firm, owned by Charles W. (Sandy) Rex III, MAI, applying comprehensive appraisal valuation and GIS expertise to an extensive variety of real property assignments. Since 1995, we have specialized in the valuation and analysis of corridors and other railroad properties.

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Railroad Valuation

Specializing in the valuation of railroads, railroad properties, and corridors since 1995, our assignments include market value estimates, net liquidation valuation, going concern valuation, inventory and valuation of rail improvements, longitudinal occupancies and crossings.

Other Corridors

We have extensive experience valuing all types of corridors (utility/communication and pipelines), including those traversing large acreage tracts, within other corridors, and crossing public lands, such as national parks, and tribal reservation land. Working throughout the United States, our assignments have ranged from remote rural lands to densely developed urban areas.

Conservation Easement and Acreage Tracts

We have valued conservation easements through the South and Midwest, meeting all IRS requirements and Yellow Book procedures. Our acreage tract assignments range from subdivision analysis to timberland, cropland, rangeland, and citrus grove valuation.

General Appraising and Consulting

Our appraisal experience includes various property types — both improved and unimproved properties. We also provide consultation for various purposes, including transaction negotiations, dispute resolution, and ad valorem taxation.

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